Blueprint Binghamton has been adopted! 

Read through the Plan (downloadable by chapter below), and please share your comments and questions. You can email your input to:

Melissa L. Enoch (, Department of Planning, Housing & Community Development. Please write "Blueprint Binghamton comments" in the subject line of the email, and provide the page number and recommendation number for each comment in the body of the email. 


Blueprint Binghamton can be downloaded by chapter using the links below:

01 Executive Summary

02 Introduction, Planning Process, Vision & Plan Overview

03 Economic Development Mini-Plan

04 Housing Mini-Plan

05 Transportation Mini-Plan

06 Infrastructure Mini-Plan

07 Environment Mini-Plan

08 Land Use Mini-Plan

09 Community Building Mini-Plan

10 Action Plan

11 Appendix

Generic Environmental Impact Statement

Links 1 and 2 provide background and an overview of the Plan and process. Links 3 through 9 contain the seven "Mini-Plans" that together comprise the Comprehensive Plan Update. Link 10 provides summary action plans for each Mini-Plan, and Link 11 is supporting documents that are appendices to the Plan.

Main & Court Corridor Zoning

The draft Main & Court Corridor Zoning Code can be accessed at the link below. This legislation is currently under review and was not voted on at the July City Council meeting. Additional information is being collected and the Code will be revised before it goes to Council for consideration.

Main & Court Corridor Zoning Code