BLUEPRINT BINGHAMTON is a citizen-driven effort to plan for Binghamton’s future and move our city FORWARD TOGETHER.  Together, we are updating our Comprehensive Plan.

The Blueprint Binghamton planning process has four main phases:

Phase I: Analysis of Existing Conditions – The first phase of work is all about learning.  Early on in the process, the planning team spent time studying the city in detail, collecting lots of data, conducting interviews, and listening to the thoughts, concerns, and ideas of the Binghamton community.  Together, all of the input from the research and public outreach affords an in-depth analysis of existing conditions in the city today.  This phase provides the foundation of the planning process and is now mostly complete; you can read a summary of Binghamton Today or, for more information, review the analysis presentations.

Phase II: Vision & Preliminary Recommendations – The second phase of work marks the transition from studying the way things are to imagining the way things could and should be.  Drafting a collective vision statement is the first step in this phase of work.  The draft vision statement for Binghamton Tomorrow blends all of the hopes and dreams that people shared with Blueprint Binghamton and organizes those aspirations into five key goals for the city to work toward.  These goals or themes help frame the recommendations that will ultimately comprise the Blueprint Binghamton plan.  The other task in this phase is to develop those recommendations; this is still underway, but you can explore the preliminary ideas

Phase III: Plan Development – The third phase of work is about pulling the analysis, vision, and recommendations together into one plan, complete with many pictures and quotes to reflect the citizen-driven process as well as maps and illustrations to communicate all of the work that we’ve undertaken with you to develop this plan for the future of our city.  During plan development, we will also be thinking about implementation. What action steps need to be taken to make our shared vision a reality?  Which agencies and organizations will the City need to partner with as we work to implement each recommendation?  How should we prioritize and allocate limited resources? to Once the draft plan is complete, it will be available for review and last comments before we finalize Blueprint Binghamton Forward Together as our new comprehensive plan.

Phase IV: Form-Based Code for Court & Main – The fourth phase of planning process is a chance to get the implementation process started while the plan is still in progress. As part of Blueprint Binghamton, we will be drafting a form-based code for Court and Main streets, which means that we’ll be updating the zoning to guide new development along the corridor.  Like all of the other phases of work, there has been ample opportunity to get involved and make your voice heard.

Public outreach has been the common thread throughout each phase – thank you partnering with us in this process!