Robert Gerard is the winner of the Blueprint Binghamton Community Discussions Kindle Fire Giveaway. Robert attended all seven discussions and has been actively involved in many Blueprint Binghamton events.

“Attending all of the Blueprint Binghamton Workshops has awakened citizenship within me,” said Robert Gerard, Co-Owner of Green Way Pavements™ and winner of the giveaway. “It brought me closer to the heartbeat of the City, something that I feel many people should also welcome. Knowing how much our City Officials are breaking down barriers to bring Binghamton to better and more rewarding days felt good. The speakers were great, competent and carried an uplifting spirit within each of their presentations. Now, I feel more involved, more aware of the issues and challenges, and hold onto the excitement that I, too, can contribute to revitalizing the environment of this determined City.”

Big thanks to our friends at Citizens Bank for their generous donation that made the giveaway and the great lunches possible!