The year-long BLUEPRINT BINGHAMTON planning process seeks to involve everyone with a stake in the city. That means YOU! To make this happen, we’ve employed a range of strategies to meet the people of Binghamton, learn from their unique perspectives, and use their local knowledge to inform the creation of the plan.

  • We’ve had traditional meetings, and, with the help of the Binghamton Neighborhood Project, we’ve conducted a traditional community survey (both online and door-to-door) that has reached nearly 500 residents so far!  
  • We’ve talked to more than 100 resident experts in interviews and focus groups on topics from community health to infrastructure, commercial districts to transportation, the elderly in Binghamton to the youth of Binghamton!
  • We hosted a series of lunchtime discussions on community development issues, with 442 attendees!
  • We’ve used the powers of the internet, and built a Facebook following of 384 people, a twitter following of 142, and we’ve had 2,319 unique website visitors to our project website!  

And we’ve made sure that Blueprint Binghamton has had a presence at many different community events, creating LOTS of informal Pop-Up meetings in order to meet people in the midst of their daily routines! At each of these “meetings,” we’ve asked people to share their issues and concerns, ideas and visions for the future through thought-provoking activities:

  • We created a project headquarters in the former First National Bank! We call it our Project Design Studio, and it’s open to the public for meetings and events, the biggest of which happens every few months in conjunction with Gorgeous Washington Street Association’s First Fridays Art Walk.
  • In the spring, summer, and fall, the Project Design Studio featured a “Pop-Up Gallery” or series of exhibits designed to raise awareness of the plan, ask people to share a bit about themselves, their insights and ideas for the city, their vision, and their priorities for the future of Binghamton.   
  • The Pop-Up Gallery, open five times, was a HUGE success, with over 1,000 visitors who signed-in. (Many more attended and participated in the activities.)
  • Some of the input you offered at the Pop-Up Gallery is summarized below.  For more details check out the Pop-Up Gallery page.





To make sure that those who are less mobile had a chance to make their voice heard, we built a portable Meeting in a Box tool that mimicked the Pop-Up Gallery activities, and we took it out on the town. We met with seniors at the First Ward Senior Center and public housing tenants at the Binghamton Housing Authority.

In addition to the Project Design Studio and traveling Meeting in a Box, we brought Blueprint Binghamton to several youth-oriented events where we could engage with children and families to get their thoughts on the future of our City. Kids, teens, and parents weighed in on Blueprint Binghamton at the Stand for Children Anti-Bullying Rally, at the Juneteenth Celebration, and at the special version of the Pop-Up Gallery, designed just for kids! Blueprint Binghamton visited classrooms at the elementary, middle, high school and college levels too! 


Thank you, Binghamton, for all of your input and ideas!

Check back in the New Year to track your ideas as they make their way into Blueprint Binghamton Forward Together!