The overarching goal of BLUEPRINT BINGHAMTON is to ensure that this update to our City’s Comprehensive Plan is a community-driven effort to move our City FORWARD TOGETHER. We are committed to a robust, equitable and meaningful public process that is, most importantly, FUN! That means we’ve been busy dreaming up and implementing a truly innovative approach to outreach and engagement in order to reach and reflect the diversity of our Binghamton community.

Already, hundreds, if not thousands, of Binghamtonians have had a hand in shaping this plan for the future of our city, as the resident experts who know Binghamton best.

If you haven’t already, please GET INVOLVED! If you’re already involved, please STAY INVOLVED. We need YOU to help us meet our goals to:

  • Inform and educate the public about the planning process and the challenges and opportunities facing Binghamton today 
  • Encourage the participation of all community members regardless of age, income, race, ethnicity or first language
  • Actively engage the youth in Binghamton 
  • Invite feedback and meaningful discussion through a transparent planning process
  • Build and maintain confidence, trust, and enthusiasm about the planning process 
  • And foster a civic culture of active and engaged community members, interested and poised to collaborate with each other and with the City on implementation efforts once the plan is complete.

Check out the Events page for a list of upcoming opportunities to get involved. We hope to see you soon!