Binghamton is on the move. Since the last comprehensive plan in 2003, new businesses and housing have brought new life to downtown; the population has stabilized, and the waterfront trail and parks have given a boost to the quality of life and regional image of Binghamton.

But there’s still a lot to do to keep the City’s infrastructure and neighborhoods in good shape, advance the local economy, and fully realize the potential of Binghamton’s educational assets. And even more pressing, the devastating floods of the last few years have made it clear that the City must think proactively and prepare for tomorrow, today.

That’s where a Comprehensive Plan comes in. A Comprehensive Plan is a State-mandated document that describes the City’s policies and actions related to Binghamton’s land use, neighborhoods, transportation, infrastructure, the economy, the environment and quality of life. By updating the Comprehensive Plan now, we have the opportunity to build on the positive initiatives already in full swing in Binghamton, while proactively tackling the challenges.

We live in an age of limited resources. We need a comprehensive plan to coordinate our actions and investments in ways that help to improve Binghamton for all residents and businesses. That means promoting a high quality of life for current residents that also attracts future residents, balancing growth and development while preserving the city’s historic character, maintaining and building upon the city’s educational assets, promoting the growing arts and cultural life of the city, strengthening and diversifying the local economy, improving transportation, supporting strong civic ties, reducing the city’s environmental footprint, and encouraging regional cooperation. The plan, BLUEPRINT BINGHAMTON, is a collaboration between the City and each one of you to create a framework for re-investing in Binghamton that moves our city FORWARD TOGETHER.

Your thoughts, ideas, and energy are driving this process. For those of you who have been involved, please STAY INVOLVED. For those of you who have yet to participate, it is not too late to MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD.