Many thanks to the members of the Blueprint Binghamton Steering Committee who volunteer their time and varied expertise to help make the update to our Comprehensive Plan the best it can be:

Tina Barber, Program Officer, Community Foundation for South Central New York
Kathleen Bunnell, Director, Broome County Office for Aging 

Aaron Chamleunsouk, Owner, Thai Time

Thomas Costello, Supervisor of Building Construction, Zoning, and Code Enforcement, City of Binghamton

Matt Custer, Director, Binghamton Senators Community Relations

Marty Doorey, Community Development Advisory Council 
Claudia Edwards, Director, Broome County Health Department
Merry Harris, Director of Economic Development, Binghamton Office of Economic Development 
Dave Husch, Director, Binghamton University Off Campus College
Peg Johnston, Curator, Cooperative Gallery 213

Maura Kammerman, President, Binghamton City School District Board of Education

Robin Kinslow-Evans, Vice President, UHS Strategy and Market Development 
Kathy Macri – West Side Resident
Joseph Mahon, Vice President Broome County Regional Manager, Peoples Neighborhood Bank 

Marion Martinez, Superintendent of Schools, Binghamton City School District

Mary McFadden, Supervising Public Health Educator, Broome County Health Department

Janet McHenry, Coordinator, Northside Neighborhood Assembly

Elaine Miller, Commissioner of Economic Development, Broome County 

Bob Montgomery, West Side Resident

Robert Murphy, Attorney

Michelle O'Loughlin, Member, City of Binghamton Planning Commission 
Cyndi Paddick, Executive Director, Binghamton Metropolitan Transportation Study

Marylou Rutkowski, Sunflower Park Steering Committee

Joe Sellepack, Executive Director, Broome County Council of Churches

Jeff Smith, Architect, Chianis+Anderson Architects, Member, Commission on Architecture & Urban Design 
Mark Soriano, President, Binghamton University Student Association

Claudia Stallman, Project Director, Lesbian and Gay Family Building Project

Colleen Wagner, Director, City of Binghamton Youth Bureau

Lea Webb, City Council, 4th District

Mark Yonaty, President, Greater Binghamton Development LLC

Jason Zbock, Dean of Institutional Effectiveness and Enrollment Planning, Broome Community College